Samsung Releases Its Galaxy Watch Active 2

by William

Just six months ago Samsung released the Galaxy Watch Active, but Samsung has gone ahead to release the Galaxy Watch Active 2, which the company is unveiling today. It’s a slightly more premium version of the original and sits in the middle of Samsung’s flagship, the full-featured Galaxy Watch and the more, affordable Watch Active.

It offers pretty much everything the higher-end Galaxy watch does but for $50 cheaper and even offers some new tools that it’s older and more expensive sibling lacks.


The Galaxy Watch Active 2 will come in two sizes – a 1.2-inch 40mm option and a 1.4-inch 44mm one. The Active 2 doesn’t have a physically rotating. Instead, the black border that surrounds the screen is a touch-sensitive strip that lets you scroll through the watch faces and menus on the watch with your fingers.

The Active 2 simulates the clicks of the physical wheel of the Galaxy watch as it emits click-like haptic feedback as you move your finger over the bezel.

Both watches have slightly curved Super AMOLED screens that looked bright. With these bigger screens, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 addresses one of my few complaints about its predecessor, of which its 1.1-inch panel felt too cramped to navigate with ease. The 44mm model has a roomier canvas and makes text easier to read.

Furthermore, the larger display makes it easier to watch videos on your wrist. I don’t know who will want to watch a video on a 44mm smartwatch but if that sounds appealing to you well, good luck.

Honestly, I do not see a solid use for this feature, particularly when it seems like it’ll quickly drain the watch’s battery.

The new watch has the usual bells and whistles of a typical smartwatch, Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC for mobile payments support, as well as GPS for tracking workouts without a phone.

The watch boasts a new feature called “My Style” which allows you to create customized watch faces based on your outfit by taking a picture with your phone. See more about the Galaxy Watch Active 2

The Active 2 is still running on the same Tizen-based platform as the rest of Samsung’s smartwatches but on the plus side its compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones.

So why should you consider upgrading to or getting the Galaxy Watch Active 2 instead of its siblings?

Besides offering a slicker design with most of the pricier Galaxy Watch’s features for $50 less, Samsung also upgraded the sensors to make them more sensitive (and hopefully more accurate). The heart rate monitor of the Galaxy Watch Active 2 has eight LEDs compared to four on the Watch Active and Galaxy Watch.

Plus, it’s faster too. The device’s accelerometer can detect up to 32G of force. That’s twice the 16G that older models could sense. This potentially means double the accuracy when tracking your fitness, according to Samsung. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 also has a new ECG sensor onboard, although it’s not operational yet.

Samsung said this feature is still in the research phase and that it’s working with partners on ideas for implementing it.

So what’s my verdict on the Galaxy Watch Active 2?

Well, the watch certainly has compelling features for me to get one. I mean its got a slicker design, cool colors and for that price, Phew! Tel me in the comments will you get one?

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