Samsung Launches The Galaxy Note 10 And Note 10 Plus

by William

Its finally here Samsung just released its long awaited Note series phone the Note 10 and the Note 10 plus. That’s right this time there are two Note phones.

This is quite interesting because the Note 10 is like the lighter version of the Note 10 plus which has more features. Both Note 10s are similar in specs but the Note 10 Plus is the flagship of the two

So what are the phones like?


Well, the first thing you will notice right away is the screen and the cycloptic camera at the top of the screen.

The Note 10 is smaller, its got a 6.3 inch Super Amoled display, very light in weight and very thin. On the other hand, the Note 10 plus has a larger screen a whoping 6.8 inches, the largest screen ever fitted to a Samsung Galaxy Note device.

holding them side by side you’d definitely see the size difference.

The power button is on the left side of the phone right underneath the up and down volume buttons. If you press the power button once the phone turns off or on, press it twice it will launch the camera app, and if you press and hold it will launch Bixby.

However, Samsung did away with the headphone jack. Yup! the rumors were true, its gone. Prepare to use dongles or wireless headphones. Also, on the smaller Note 10 the SD card slot is gone.


Samsung galaxy Note 10 bottom Note 10 Plus top

This time around the color choices are a bit different. The Note 10 only has three colors and the Plus version has four colors. they share these colors Aura white, Aura black, Aura glow, and on the Note 10 Plus Aura blue which is a deep blue color.


Let me start with the single camera on the front, its 10MP with an 80 degrees field of view. That’s it.

Now the cameras on the back, well, on the Note 10 there are three cameras. They are the exact same cameras on the Galaxy S10 Plus. That is a 12MP dula aperture lens, 16MP wide angle lens, 12MP telephoto lens. Now the fourth camera on the Note 10 Plus is an AR lens. You can use it for live portrait video.

S Pen

Of course, a GAlaxy Note isn’t a Note without the S pen, is it?

Now in terms of functionality the S Pen isn’t that different from its predecessor except, as Samsung puts it “its more ergonomic” eh! its just smoother edges with some enhanced air gesture control.

Truthfully, I don’t know how often anyone will use this but its there if you need it.

The S Pen can also be used to do AR doodle in photos or videos. That is, you can you the S Pen to annotate the person or thing you are looking at. It just means you can draw things like a hat, arrows. etc, on people or things in photos and videos. But the cool thing about it is in the video the thing you drew will move as the video plays along.


The Note 10 come in only one configuration 256GB internal storage, 8GB RAM.

The Note 10 Plus has two options 256/512GB internal storage, 12GB RAM. The both use a Snapdragon 855 Processor, Wi-Fi 6 and there will be a 5G version of the Note 10 Plus in the US which will start with Verizon and then roll out to other carriers.

Battery life

I still use the Note 9 and the battery last me a full day of intense use without a charge. The Note 10 has a 3500mAh while the Note 10 Plus has a 4300mAh. Of course, it still has wireless/inductive charging and a one of my favorite features, reverse wireless charging.


The Note 10 starts at $949, the Note 10 Plus starts at $1099 and the Note 10 Plus 5G starts at $1300.

Preorders begin on Aug/8 and sales begin on the Aug 23rd.

As always there are Many other features that need to be tested such as Night mode, link to windows – its a new feature that enables you to mirror your screen on your windows machine and finally Dex. Dex is no longer a dock. Yup! no more bulky Dex station and you can use the USB cable that comes in the box to link your phone and machine.

Stay tuned for more on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus

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