Push Notification Campaigns And Why They Are So Effective

by William

Using push notifications to market your business or products is one of the most effective ways of connecting with customers that most businesses still overlook. What about you?

To better understand this let’s take a short trip down the memory lane.

Remember when e-mails were new and people ran to their computers each time they saw “You’ve got mail!” on their screens? Yup! I was one of those people. E-mail was new and exciting and everyone loved getting them. But as the saying goes “too much of something is not good” so too were the e-mails. Too much of it takes the luster off.

Long story short, online marketers really grabbed onto the email phenomenon and here we are today with spam filters, virus checkers and inboxes horribly full of what used to be cool.

Anyways, before this frantic email bombardment, E-mail open rates were in the high 90% and people actually read their emails and often acted on them. But today, hmm! E-mail open rates are below 25% unless you have a subscriber base to your newsletters that love to get your messages or you are really good at what you write.

Back to the smartphone, E-mails are still emails and mobile users hate them as much as desktop users. But just like the email subscriptions where you give the sender the green light to email you, smartphone users do the same when they download an app. This is called permission-based marketing.

In other words, when someone with a smartphone or tablet downloads the app of a company or business they are interested in, they give the company or business owner the right to “push” out messages to them whenever they want.

Push messaging is so effective because by downloading the app and accepting push notifications, the customer has given the app owner (business) the permission to send messages to them.

So why is push notification so effective?

Personalized campaigns

Creative marketers use personalized messages to inform customers about new stock, deals, etc. Once a potential customer or a customer has already downloaded your app. Information can be gotten from the user’s browsing history, previous purchases, and customers preferences and so on.

For instance, if someone browsed a category of products several times within a short period, you can quickly draft a short message and send to them.

Remember to keep the message simple yet clear. Keep it to a maximum of 10 – 15 words with the use of words of action like “Check out” “shop now” “review”, etc. and images always entice the customer.

Provides Easy Access

The beauty of Push notifications is not restricted to its effectiveness for the marketer it has also proven to be a very useful tool for the user as well. They serve as much better reminders to a customer who might wish to cancel his Netflix subscription before the next billing date, gives them actionable reminders, and even helps them stay in touch with what’s happening around the world.

Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment is an all-too-familiar scenario in e-commerce. This happened to me several times a site visitor/user browses the product catalog, adds several items to their cart and leaves without completing the purchase. Luckily some of it can be remedied via push notification.

You could send a push notification saying “hey John you forgot to complete your order if you buy now you get 5% off”

The 5% discount might be what entices the customer and make him/her finally buy.

Location and Time-specific Marketing

One thing that matters a lot for any marketing campaign is how relevant the messages are for a person at a given time and date. Today’s cutting edge push notification technology grants access to different locations which enables marketers to push relevant ads as per the location of the user. For example, a person standing at or near the airport can get a notification promoting any car rental, taxi or Uber services.

While this limited list highlights some of the most easily convincing arguments in favor of Push notifications, its real strength lies in the flexibility of usage that e-mails and other methods do not offer. Besides with the rate at which new Push notifications applications are being developed and tried out, it’s set to be the most powerful engagement tool. Well, until something else arrives.

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