8 Things You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Do With Facebook

by William
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It is said that if Facebook was a country it will probably be the largest country in the world.

More than a billion people use Facebook daily, and while many people already know how to post pictures of themselves and type a few quotes  there is more to Facebook than meets the eye and for the most part not everyone or dare I say most people do not use up to half of its features as it is constantly updated, and no one, except for the developers themselves, can keep up with how the social network algorithms work.

Anyways without further ado, here are 8 things you probably didn’t know you could do with Facebook.

1. Interest lists

This feature is common among Twitter users. So if you use Twitter, you probably already know about this. In simpler words, it’s the same thing on Facebook, the difference is miniscule.

2. Facebook moments

Synchronize photos from a party or an event so that your friends from that party can see them.

3. Facebook video calls

Well I’ve always known about this feature but I was shocked at the sheer number of people who have absolutely no idea this is possible. Just open a chat with your friend and start a video call. No need switching to Facetime or Whatsapp.

4. Send and receive money

It is good to see such a feature on Facebook. I use Wechat and one of its most used features is sending and receiving money. For those of you who do not know what Wechat is, it’s a multi-purpose messaging, social media and mobile payment app. Think of it as the Chinese version of Whatsapp. Now you can send money to your friends or relatives using Facebook.

No need for those annoying trips to a kiosk or bank branch to do wire transfers.

5. See first

If you are one of those socialites who dares not to miss a friends’ posts on Facebook? Simply toggle the “see first” function on and see all the posts you want.

6. Save feature

This isn’t new but if you have no time to read a post, an article, or a video simply save it and you can read or watch whenever you want.

7. Spy on your competition

You can compare your Facebook page to other similar pages and see how other people work. I do this all the time. 8. Saved replies on messages for pages

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