6 Best European Cities To Visit For Concerts

by William
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Whether you a music lover or just a traveler Europe is a must-see continent. Besides its landmarks, rich culture and traditions, Europe is filled with a plethora of music-loving cities with different genres.

If you want to attend all music concerts and festivals in Europe it will be a daunting task as it will require some extensive traveling. So to help you decide we have narrowed down eccentric European cities to visit for summer concerts.

6. Barcelona, Spain

Photo by Michael Mongin

Barcelona is the city you should definitely visit while on your vacation. Though the city itself doesn’t have a wide variety of genres making up its music scene, flamenco, rock, jazz and the classical would be enough to interest you.

If you want to dive right into the most intense shows that happen each year, you should definitely check out the annual Primavera Sound festival. Well-known and emerging artists come from all over the world to showcase their work at this wonderful festival that you’ll surely never forget!

If large festivals aren’t your favorite, that’s no problem—Barcelona’s indie music scene stretches from large festivals like Primavera down to virtually unknown venues. If you want to see local artists and complete newcomers show off their latest songs, we recommend checking out one of the city’s more underground venues such as the Gran Bodega Saltó or Wah Wah Records.

5. Paris, France

Photo by Brandon Erlinger-Ford

Though the city is well known for its great cuisine, fine wine, and the Eifel tower, Paris attracts lots of talented musicians. Places like La Locomotive, Rex Club, and Le Rouge spin French house.

4. London, The United Kingdom

Photo by Kevin Hackert

London is one of those cities that will wow you at almost every turn. Its got lovely landmarks, plenty of historic buildings, but what you might not know is that London helped set the stage for famous bands like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

London has long been a magnet for of some of the world’s most famous musicians, the likes of The Rolling stones, Elton John, Adelle just to name a few.

Finding dance-based festivals isn’t difficult in London, from traditional pubs to big concerts at Wembly stadium, there’s live music in every corner of the city. Also, the annual Wireless Festival gives visitors a fantastic pick of some of the world’s most notorious electronic artists.

If you want to find electronic music outside of a festival setting, the Carwash Nightclub is a great way to hear local DJs in an energetic setting. Furthermore, you won’t be bored in the city there’s so much to do and see.

3. Bologna, Italy

Photo by Peter Okwara

Bologna may not be the city you see when you first think of music and though city is known for its beauty, great cuisine, and left-wing politics, Bologna is actually the music capital of Italy, it’s an incredibly unique city with a lot to offer.

Music lovers visiting Bologna will also greatly appreciate the various citywide festivals that happen such as the Bologna Sonic Park. Such events often take place at the Arena Parco Nord in the summertime, the warm weather is perfect for such activities.

2. Berlin, Germany

Photo by Hannes Richter

My my! There’s no music scene quite like in Berlin.

Though the city is mostly known for its thriving techno scene, Berlin boasts a wide variety of different subcultures and genres to explore. From DJs and punk rockers to classically trained musicians, Berlin attracts some of the world’s top talent.

Those looking to get into the heart of the club scene should look no further than Berghain. As the most notorious club in the city, it also has a steady line-up of DJs and performers from all over the world. In short, you need to experience it for yourself.

Donau115 is a great venue for people who are more interested in hearing some underground music. Though it’s technically billed as a jazz club, there are a variety of local and international artists passing through Donau115 to make it one of the city’s most varied venues.

1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Photo by David Graciano

Amsterdam is the place where you will definitely find an exciting venue for any genre of music in Europe. If you want to hear some amazing performers from a variety of different countries, Paradiso is the place to visit. The acoustics at Paradiso is also incredible.

If you’re more of a festival-oriented person, then events such as the Amsterdam Music Festival, the Holland Festival, and the Lowlands Festival happening throughout the year, you’ll find it easy to dance the night away no matter when you’re visiting. Oh! One more thing, You should not leave Amsterdam without enjoying some of the city’s other tourist attractions such as a boat ride over the one of a kind canals of Amsterdam!

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