5 Tips That Help You To Get Your Dream Job

by William

As an adult, one of the things that can make you happy in life is having the job you like. Truthfully, getting a job can be a challenge, particularly if you have your sights set on a specific job or company.

I remember when I was fresh out of the university and enthusiastic about my first job at a small finance firm. Oh! Boy, that job was something else.

Anyways let’s say you find yourself saying “I need a new job”, or I need a career change, you’re just looking for your very first job or you’re re-entering the job market.

Regardless of the circumstances or reasons for you entering the workforce, there are several things you need to consider to find the job you want at the right pay grade.

I know you are probably thinking “I have been job hunting for months but no luck”. Just know that you can get the job you want if you are determined to get it.

It’s likely that you’re already ready to go in terms of career choice, so let’s run down some things to do to land a job that will provide growth and challenging, meaningful work.

Here are five tips that you might find helpful.

1. Assess Yourself                             

Before you go job hunting you need to assess your skills. Oh! Wait, you thought you’d be hired as an engineer without an engineering degree or experience?

You need to identify your core competences. That is what you can and cannot do. In other words, what are you already qualified to do? Your education, what relevant experience do you have?

Just make a list of these things and then you will be able to see the types of jobs that you could realistically be able to fill.

2. Get a Resumé

Have your resume ready and prepared to fit the job that you are applying for. A resume gives the employer insights about you, your experiences and achievements.

If you don’t know how to write a good resume, there are numerous tutorials online, ask a friend, or simply pay a professional to do it for you but make sure it is tailored to your taste.

3. Network with people

There’s our old Southern proverb, “Get off the porch.” Translation: make a move. Do something. Don’t sit around waiting for something interesting to happen.

Contact people, friends, family, and use social apps like LinkedIn to get the word out. This way you can quickly meet people and hear about opportunities that haven’t even hit the market yet.

4. Ace the Interview

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! The ball is now in your court and this is your opportunity to shine.

Your interview is a crucial part of getting the job you want. It is often the basis of the company to hire you or maybe not. For sure, written exams may matter but then again, most employers often base their selection on how you did with your interview.

Truth be told, interviews are tricky and for some jobs, it can sometimes be a minefield, one misstep and you might bottle it.

So if you are asked to come for a job interview it is vital that you stay relaxed and confident during the interview. More on how to Ace your job interview

5. Do a follow-up

How many times have you heard someone say “I applied at X company and its been months I haven’t heard from them” or “I am still waiting for the results from that medical position at X company” After the interview, you must also follow-up results.

Experts say immediately after the interview you can ask recruiters o employers when they expect to make a hiring decision.

This way, you won’t be wasting your time waiting for something that will not come, and you can also use your precious time to pursue or grab other opportunities that come your way, in case the job didn’t go to you.

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