3 Essential Things To Consider Before Purchasing Dashcam

by William

We all drive cars or at least at some point in your life you drove a car and being a good and responsible driver, you often try to never go beyond the speed limit, jump red lights or talk to someone on the phone while driving. Right! Uh-huh! Let’s face it. Due to little distractions, all of us at one point in time must have had a close encounter with pedestrians, joggers, cyclist or riders while driving.

Mind you some people who do not care about the lives of others and as a result, it leads to a near miss or accidents. If you have been a victim of road rage, or slightly missed an accident which could have been fatal for you, then you know what I’m talking about. Sometimes these accidents happen with no fault on your part, other times its just utter bad luck.

None-the-less all these reasons largely make up for why you should buy and install a dashcam in your car. Trust me from experience footage from these dashcams will provide proof of the actual events that occurred during a car accident, collision, or any other significant event and will save you from any misleading or false information told to the authorities?

However, before you go to the local store, supermarket, or mall to buy a dashcam, or order it online, there are three things you need to consider first before you make a purchase.

1. Is It Legal To Own One?

While there are rules governing the use of surveillance equipment, for the most part, dashcams are legal. In the U.S., only North Carolina and Missouri have no dashcam restrictions. All other states have certain restrictions on dashcam use. In other countries, you may want to check with local authorities before installing one in your vehicle.

If you don’t follow the rules, you would probably end up with a fine and/or asked to take it down; the severity of the fine depends on which country you’re living in.

Quick tip: The dashcam should be installed in a fixed position on the dash board or windscreen and should not be 5 or 7 inches beyond the driver‘s or passenger’s side mark.

Also, you need to ensure that it’s working automatically on its own, and not operated manually by you while you’re driving.

And the lastly, it should not obscure your view of the road ahead of you, behind you, or on both sides of your car. So rest assured, if you follow these steps, you should be 100% safe to use it.

2. Video Quality                        

It might not seem like much but the video quality of a dashcam matters a lot. If you get a camera that has bad resolution and inaudible sound/audio, your chances of proving anything would be much less.

If you’ve ever watched a 4k movie and the same movie shot at 720p then you know what I mean. The difference is night and day. I’m not saying you should buy an expensive 4k dashcam, although if you got the cash and you are willing to spend it well why not go for it. Anyways you should always look for the ones that have excellent camera lenses and video resolution.

Look a couple of years ago I would have said 720p HD was enough but seriously I recon you get a model that offers Full HD (1080p) capture.  If they capture video on the road in high-definition 1080p quality, it would mean a lot for you in any insurance claims or evidence checks.

So be sure to test the camera out before buying it.

3. Other Features

Aside from the video quality, dashcams also boast additional features that that make them stand out and in most instances such dashcams command a premium.

These extra features can include night vision, multiple lenses for front- and rear-facing coverage, internal battery and built-in Wi-Fi for easy file transfer may also be included.

So look for one that has these features, compact in size, night vision, internal battery, that way it would run without needing any permanent power connections. Built-in GPS, tracking your speed and location and adding it to the footage and maybe built-in Wi-Fi for easy file transfer, a viewing angle of at least 120 degrees.  If you find one that has all of that, then you’re all set.

When you find the dashcam you want, you won’t regret buying and installing it in your car. You would one day save yourself or others from trouble if there’s video evidence of anything that happened near your car.

So with the right configuration and good video quality, there’s nothing to stop you from refuting fraudulent accident claims and keeping you and your fellow citizens safe from reckless drivers or from people with nefarious intent. That being said, it can be a night mare to find a suitable dashcam for your vehicle, so here are 10 best dashcams for you to choose.

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